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We are practitioners

At PricingWorks, we have over 30 years of collective, practical experience in B2B pricing. We understand the operational challenges in sales as well as the pitfalls in the daily application of pricing strategies.

We turn data into insights

We help you achieve a foundation in data, that allows application of predictive analytics as well as CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tools, and is designed to provide optimal support for your company's strategy.

We connect the science & art of pricing

We help you connect the dots. Many pricing initiatives fail due to the lack of buy-in from key stakeholders and resistance rooted in a lack of trust and overwhelming technocracy.

We complement your team

We deeply engage with your employees to understand, quickly identify and capitalize on profit & revenue-enhancing opportunities.

Our Portfolio

From Pricing essentials to
AI-driven price guidance

Our portfolio focuses on the needs of our clients to enhance and execute pricing capabilities within their individual organization.



Meet your partners

Sebastian Wrobel

As a broadly experienced profit and revenue management leader, Sebastian helps enterprises to accelerate their strategic initiatives – human centric and data-driven.

Dominik Schrode

With long-standing expertise in value- based selling, deal optimization and pricing excellence, Dominik has been a valued counterpart for global business partners in the commercial vehicle industry for almost 10 years.

Mihai Socaciu

Right and left-brain expert, Mihai has been driving successful global pricing & contracts strategies in the furniture industry for more than 8 years.

George Molodoi

While George’s background is in economics and statistics, he has been passionate about programming since he was young. He joined all his knowledge into developing data-driven approaches to solve business problems.

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  • Oraya
  • Priceff
  • Zilliant

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